Using the iPad

  1. Connect the iPad to power. If the battery is drained, wait up to 20 minutes for the iPad to recharge.
  2. If the screen is black, press the button on the top-right edge and hold for 3 seconds until the screen turns on.

There is no password on the iPad. Swipe left or right on the home screen to find the different apps which are already installed. 

If your teacher asks you to use an app which is not yet installed, open the app named Self Service, and install the app from the catalog. The Self Service app is shown below:

Please DO NOT Attempt to Clean or Disinfect the iPad

Cleaning wipes, sprays, and other disinfecting agents are very likely to damage the iPad's screen and case. Instead, always clean your hands before and after using the iPad, and do not share it with others.

Getting Help with your Device

The KSD Help Desk has additional instructions and tutorials for using your device. If you have a question, please check here first:

If you have additional questions, please contact your teacher or the school office.