Here are instructions to reset an iPad, which will erase all data and return it to a factory-default state. This can be a  helpful first step when an iPad is no longer working correctly.

Erasing the iPad

First, open the Settings app.

Choose General, then scroll to the bottom and choose Reset. Tap the option named Erase All Content and Settings.

You may be asked if you want to update an iCloud Backup; choose Erase Now. If asked again if you're sure you want to erase the iPad, tap Erase.

The iPad will likely restart, and a progress bar will appear. Do not turn off the iPad during this step; wait until the progress bar completes and the iPad restarts again.

Setting up the Erased iPad

You'll need to begin by answering a few questions. Choose English, then choose United States (you may need to scroll to the bottom).

If a Quick Start screen appears, tap Set Up Manually at the bottom.

Choose the wifi network. If at school, choose the ksd-student network, and enter the password. Once the wifi network has a checkmark beside it, tap Next in the top-right.

You'll likely see the message "It may take a few minutes to activate your iPad." Wait until you see the Remote Management screen shown below, then tap Next.

Important: If you DO NOT see the above Remote Management screen, stop and contact Andrew.

The home screen should now appear, with many icons grayed out while they update. Other icons should begin to appear on the second page of the home screen, as the iPad checks in with our management system and downloads additional apps. 

You should be able to find the Self Service app on the second page of the home screen, which you can use to re-install any additional apps you need on this iPad.