Before adding Snap & Read, make sure you have talked to your teacher so they can set up your account first.

Install the Extension

On your chromebook, go to the Snap&Read extension page on the Chrome Web Store.

Click the blue Add to Chrome button to install the extension.

Sign in to the Extension

Look for the extension in the top-right part of your Chrome browser window. The Snap&Read icon looks like this:

If you don't see it, click the Puzzle Piece icon and look for Snap&Read.

Click the Snap&Read icon, then click Sign in.

Choose Sign in with Google, then choose your Kentfield account.

You should now see a screen named Pending invitation(s). Click the Accept button, then click Continue.

Important: If you do not see the Pending Invitations screen, stop and tell your teacher.

You are now signed in to Snap & Read, and can use the extension with any web page.