You may have student worksheets, saved as PDF files, which you would ordinarily print for students to fill out. If so, you might consider having students use Kami to fill them out instead. 

Kami is a web application and Chrome extension for editing PDFs. It is already pre-installed on all student accounts, and should be ready for them to use.

Please see these articles from the official Kami Help Center for instructions on assigning PDFs to students using Google Classroom:

Also refer to our other Kami help article: Editing PDFs using Kami

Note: Kami is not available as an app for the iPad. It will work in the iPad browser, but not very well. A chromebook or other laptop is highly recommended.

Using Kami as a Student

When you open a PDF from your teacher, you should see a blue Open with Kami button at the top of the preview:

or you will see a blue K button to the right of the PDF:

Click either of these buttons to open the PDF in the Kami application. You can now use the toolbar on the left to make changes and fill out the PDF. The Kami Help Center has instructions for using Kami:

When you are finished editing the PDF, you can save it in your Google Drive. Click the Save button at the top of the window, which looks like a floppy disk, and then click the Save Now button.

If this PDF was assigned to you through Google Classroom, you can now turn in the assignment.