Kami is a web application and Chrome extension for editing PDFs. This is particularly useful if you have PDF worksheets or forms which you want to fill out before using or returning them.

You can use Kami's tools to type on a PDF, to add text boxes or draw shapes, and to highlight passages. You can also use Kami to create editable PDFs to share with your students, and assign them through Google Classroom. See this help article for more information: Allow Students to Write on PDFs using Kami

Kami's YouTube Channel also has a series of brief videos which cover the uses and features of Kami.


You can install the Kami extension from the Chrome web store at this link. The district does not own a license for Kami, but the free version offers many useful features.

Once Kami is installed, whenever you open a PDF in the Chrome browser you should see a blue K icon just to the right of the PDF:

or a blue Open in Kami button above the PDF preview:

Clicking either of these will launch the Kami application for this PDF.

Kami's Help Center

The Kami Help Center has an extensive library of help articles. I would recommend these articles in particular: