By this point we've probably all experienced audio feedback over Zoom; this is the high-pitched or warbling sound you sometimes hear on Zoom, often when two people are Zooming from the same room. 

If your in-person students will be using Zoom from their own devices in the same room, you'll need to be careful to prevent feedback like this from happening in your meeting.

Causes of Feedback

Audio feedback generally happens when a microphone picks up the sound from its own speaker. With Zoom, this can happen if a Zoom user's microphone is able to hear the sound coming from the speaker of another Zoom user in the same meeting, creating a feedback loop.

The solution is to break the loop, either by muting the microphone or by muting the speaker.


  • Ensure that only one microphone is ever unmuted for everyone who is in the same room and the same Zoom meeting.
  • Ensure that all devices are either muted, have headphones connected, or have their volume turned down very low, so that their sound is not picked up by anyone else's microphone.