Your teacher will share their Zearn class code with you. You will need this code before you can continue.

Once you have the class code, go to . This link is also bookmarked in the KSD-Students bookmarks folder.

First, click the Sign in with Google button, then choose your Kentfield account. If asked, choose I'm a Student.

Enter your teacher's Zearn class code, then click Join Class

Congratulations, you've joined your teacher's Zearn class. If things looked different for you, check the rest of this page for troubleshooting instructions.

Need to Create an Account?

If you see the message above, close the webpage and ask your teacher to create a Zearn account for your in their class. Once your teacher has created your account, try these instructions again.

In the Wrong Zearn Class?

If you still belong to an old Zearn class, you will need to change classes. First, click on your old class name

When asked if you need to change classes, click Yes. Enter your new Zearn class code, then click Join Class. You should now belong to the correct class.