Q: I just registered my student for Kentfield schools - why do I have to do this again?

A: First of all, welcome to Kentfield! We are asking you to make sure that all of the information you entered during the enrollment process imported correctly to the Aeries database, then every year, all families are asked to complete data confirmation to make sure that your contact, emergency contact, medical, and other information is still the same after the summer; collect certain annually required pieces of state and federal reporting (military service and living situation); collect new authorizations and verify previous selections; and to distribute updated documents we're required to provide to you annually. Even though you completed the enrollment process just recently, there are pieces of information we waited to collect until now :) 

Q: Why am I being asked the same questions I answered last year?

A: The process starts with the piece Aeries calls "Family Information" but only consists of two annually required federal data collection pieces. Those, plus the Annual Parent Notice in the documents section, are things that you will, for as long as you have children in US public schools, have to complete annually, but the rest of the tabs/screens you'll continue through will present you with information that you simply confirm is correct and continue, except for any annually required documents and new authorizations that have been added this year. 


Q: Can't you just use the same information for both / all of my students?

A: Even if they share a parent/guardian, every student potentially has unique caregiver situations, medical information, authorizations, and households, so you do have to complete the entire data confirmation process for EACH student enrolled with us. 



We thank you for taking this time to ensure that the information we have on file for each of your students is accurate and complete.