General Guidelines

Be mindful that not all students’ home situations and schedules will always permit them to attend a live Zoom meeting at a particular time. Our primary focus should remain on distributing digital lessons and materials in formats which students can access independently as their schedules and internet access permit.

Student equity concerns dictate that a Zoom meeting which is used to deliver instruction to your entire class, or to a significant portion of your class, must be recorded and made available later to the students who could not attend.

  • If a portion of your meeting contains an emotionally sensitive discussion, or the value of the lesson is purely in live student participation, that portion of the meeting does not need to be recorded.
  • The Zoom app for iPad may not be capable of recording meetings.

Consider using Zoom meetings to coach individual students, offer office hours, or host optional gatherings with your students. These meetings would not need to be recorded.

Please be acquainted with the recommendations in the Zoom Safety and Meeting Controls articles.

Norms & Expectations