Schedule a Meeting

I recommend creating a single “recurring meeting” or, if you teach multiple classes, creating a “recurring meeting” for each of your classes. This will give you a unique meeting ID you can share with students or parents, and re-use for each meeting.

1. On the main Zoom app screen, click the Schedule button.

2. The “Schedule a Meeting” sheet will appear.

  • Enter a descriptive name for your meeting.
  • Check the box labelled Recurring meeting.
  • Check the box labelled Require meeting password and enter a custom password.
  • Under “Video”, change Host and Participants to On.
  • Under “Audio”, choose Computer Audio.
  • Change Calendar to Other Calendars

3. At the bottom of the sheet, click Advanced Options.

  • Make sure Enable Waiting Room is checked. This will prevent anyone from joining your meeting directly. Instead, you will be notified when someone joins, and be asked whether or not to allow them into the meeting.
  • Check Mute participants on entry. This will cause everyone to be muted when they first join the meeting, preventing students from making a noisy entrance.

4. When you are finished configuring your options, click the blue Schedule button. Your meeting will be created, and you’ll have the option to copy your new meeting ID and link. You will share this information with everyone you’d like to join your meeting; continue reading for more information about this.

Share your Meeting with Students

Your meeting ID and link will look like this:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 178 345 484 Password: demopass

This is the information your students or their parents will need to join your Zoom call. You may share this information with students through email, Google Classroom or Seesaw, or with parents through Aeries Communications.

Remember, anyone who has this Link or Meeting ID and password will be able to join your meeting.

Students and parents do not need a Zoom account to join your Zoom meeting. They can click on the Meeting Link to join from their browser, or enter the Meeting ID and Password to join directly from the Zoom app on their computer or iPad.

Please visit Join a Zoom Meeting as a Student for more on how students can join your meeting.

Start a Zoom Meeting

To start a Zoom meeting which you’ve scheduled, open the Zoom app and click the Meetings tab at the very top of the window.

1. On the left side of the window, under Recurring, click the name of the meeting you’re going to start.

2. Once the meeting is selected, click the blue Start button to start the meeting. No one will be able to join your meeting before you have clicked Start.

If you need to invite more people to the meeting, you can click the Show Meeting Invitation link below the start button, which will reveal the meeting ID and link. You can copy this information and paste it into an email, Google Classroom, or Seesaw.

You can read more about managing your meeting, and how to use the Zoom application, in Meeting Controls.

Creating Browser-only Meeting Links

This section is entirely optional. For most students, sending the normal Zoom Meeting Link is best.

You may want to send your students a Zoom link which will open automatically in their browser. This will bypass the prompts from Zoom to create an account and install the client, which can be confusing for some users.

The standard Meeting Link you receive from Zoom looks like this:

You will need to make two changes, so that it looks like this:

To turn one link into the other, change the /j/ part in the middle of the link to /wc/, and add /join to the end of the link.

The new link, containing /wc/, is the link you may send to students.