MacBook or PC Users

Install the Zoom App

I recommend managing your Zoom account and meetings primarily through the Zoom app.

  1. To download the installer, visit; the Zoom.pkg installer should begin to download automatically.
  2. Double-click to open this installer, then click Continue to install.
  3. After installation, the app will launch.

Sign In to Zoom

After installing the Zoom app, you can sign in using your district Google account.

1. Open the Zoom app, click Sign In, then choose SSO:

2. The next screen with will ask you to “Sign In with SSO”. There will be a field asking for “Your company domain”; enter kentfieldschools (our District domain, but without the ".org" at the end) in this field, so that it looks like the image below.

3. Click Continue. You will then be taken to your web browser where you’ll be prompted to choose your Google account. Your browser will then ask if you want to open the Zoom app; click Open

4. You will be taken back to the Zoom app, where you can schedule or join a meeting.

Below is a short video demonstrating this login process.

Chromebook Users

The Zoom Chrome app is already pre-installed on all staff accounts; when you click a Zoom meeting link on your chromebook, the Zoom Chrome App should open automatically.

If you do need to open the Zoom app directly, here is a video showing how: