Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to share your computer's screen with someone else, so they can help you navigate instructions or troubleshoot a problem with your computer. Or, on the other hand, teachers can use it to provide remote support to students.

Before you can ask for help using Chrome Remote Desktop, you will need to install it first. Please follow the instructions in: Installing Chrome Remote Desktop for Remote Support.

If you are providing help to someone else, make sure they have first installed Chrome Remote Desktop, then follow the instructions below.


Asking for Remote Support

1. You will first need to be in contact with the person you're asking for help. This is usually by phone, or using Zoom on a different device.

2. On your computer, go to:

3. In the Get Support section, click GENERATE CODE.

4. This will give you a numeric code, similar to 5788 5328 7908, which you should share with the person you're asking for help. Share this code with them quickly; it will expire in 5 minutes, and you'll need to generate a new one.

Providing Remote Support

1. On your computer, go to:

2. The person asking for help should provide you with a numeric code, similar to 5788 5328 7908. You will need to enter this number quickly; it will expire 5 minutes after being generated, and you'll need to ask for a new one.

3. Enter this code in the Give Support area, then click Connect.

You will now be able to see and control the other person's screen.